Wednesday 29 July 2015

Art and Interior Design

Today I thought I'd write a little about my love for Art and interior design. I've always had an interest in Art and studied it at GCSE and A Level; through this time I feel I was unable to fully enjoy and appreciate it to its full potential. However, now having completed my Art A level I feel I'm starting to capture and appreciate it more in my everyday surroundings. 

I find LA and especially Santa Monica and Venice Beach such inspirational places and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many different and interesting types of Art work around me here; be it through looking around Art galleries, wandering the streets, seeing unique styles of buildings.

I've found inspiration for interior design in particular by going into the cute, gorgeous, quirky little shops along Main Street near to where I'm staying in Santa Monica. As one of the things I want to concentrate on whilst out here is my photography, I decided to take the opportunity to capture some photographs in two very unique individual shops I came across; one called 'Lazy Bones' the other 'This is Not Ikea' - funny names, I know!

I will now share with you some of my favourite photos I've taken so far of Art and interior design here. Enjoy!

Firstly some photos inside the gorgeous little store Lazy Bones...

And then in This is Not Ikea...

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