Monday 22 February 2016

Photo Update - A Stroll By The Beach Huts

Today I thought I'd share some photos I took last week when out for a nice stroll along the Seafront from Brighton along to Hove.

It was a lovely sunny day, the air was chilly, yet the sun lovely and warming. I'd definitely say I'm a summer girl at heart - I love the warmth and the long days, I especially love the Sea in the Summer and being able to go for a dip is just bliss. 

However I also love the winter sun; take this day for example. Although the air was cold and there was a slight chilly breeze, it felt refreshing. The sun shinning brightly giving out warmth and bouncing off the Sea, glistening beautifully. By simply acknowledging and admiring the stunning atmosphere around me I felt completely calm, peaceful and divine. 

So with this, of course I wanted to take some photos, to capture the wonderful moment I was experiencing. I love this about photos - how they can act like a visual diary. I will be able to look back in months and years to come and remember what a lovely moment this was for me. 

The other thing I love most about taking photos is being able to share them, with you reading this; with family, and with friends. 

I hope you like having an insight into my stroll by the beach huts - enjoy :)
I love the bright, vibrant colours of the beach huts. Somehow they help to remind me Summer is soon to come...
How gorgeous does the Sea look? Even better with the man paddle boarding giving a focus to this photo :) 
Again...loving the vibrant colours :)
There's always lots of joggers on the Seafront so I thought "why not get an action shot of someone for a change"...
A last glimpse of the days sun, as the paddle boarder floats into the distance...(he did come back to shore eventually!)

Thank you for reading! 

All my love xxx

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