Thursday 21 April 2016

The Royal Pavilion

Today I'm delighted to share some photo's I recently took of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton.

Surprisingly although I've now been living in Brighton for just under 5 months I hadn't properly been to have a look around the Pavilion grounds. In all honesty the reason for this is simply down to the long Wintery slog and cold weather we've had in the UK. 

I know its such a silly excuse, but I am someone who tends to hibernate as much as possible in Winter, and although I did go out and about a bit - such as the odd Seaside stroll and popping into town. Overall when its cold outside I'd much rather stay in the cosy warmth of my home (I'm sure some of you feel the same!)

Anyway, its now Spring - whoop whoop! I know I've been rambling on in quite a few of my recent posts about how lovely it is to finally be getting warmer and brighter but I just love, love, love this time of year as we're edging closer to the Summer. I am a huge fan of Summer...for starters my Birthday's in July, and of course the warm weather is a favourite of mine as it means I can spend most of my time outdoors which is just great. 

So with spending more time out and about I finally made the decision to head to the Royal Pavilion for a proper wander around, with my camera to take some shots of the surroundings. I really enjoyed my time and am now delighted to share it with you here on my blog.

The day I choose to go was a gorgeous one, as you'll see. With a beautiful bright blue sky, and the warming Sun making the Pavilion look even more spectacular than it already looks. The design and architecture of the building itself is incredibly interesting and intriguing, so of course I was in complete awe as I love design. 

There weren't many other people out as it was a week day, so the grounds were calm and peaceful, with the addition of a few birds out singing, chirping and flying around, as well as a few squirrels foraging on the grass and amongst the trees.

Before sharing my favourite photos of my outing I'll give you a little bit of background information about the Royal Pavilion as it's got an interesting history. It was originally built as a seaside retreat for George IV in 1787. It was then extended and designed to the Indo-Saracenic style (a style movement by British architects in the late 19th Century) in 1815 by John Nash.

More recently the Royal Pavilion was purchased from Queen Victoria by Brighton in 1850. Following this the adjacent royal stables were converted into a concert hall - now known as the Brighton Dome. Both are now popular attractions for tourists, drawing in around 400,000 tourists each year. Thanks to the renovations of the building over the years the Pavilion is filled with the original furniture, fixtures and fittings so when inside it feels like being inside a time capsule. If you'd like to read up more on the Pavilion, click the following link which will take you to the website:

Now onto the rest of the photos...I hope you like the handful I've chosen to share with you!

See what I mean when I say the bright, beaming Sun along with blue sky make the Pavilion look even more so spectacular, in fact quite magical too...

The architecture of the building is just incredible. All the attention to detail is outstanding, the years of hard work has definitely paid of...

The detailing in the roof and more along with the great light from the day together create pretty interesting shadow and highlight effects...

I love the curvature and shapes of the building, it's so different to other traditional British Palaces...

Above is a statue of George IV which is just outside the Pavilion...

I like the silhouette effect here from the Sun behind...

I'd love to know what you think of the photos I've shared with you - be sure to leave a comment below :) 

As always, thank you for taking the time to have a browse through this post, and if you haven't read my previous posts feel free to check those out too!

All my love xxx

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