Sunday 24 April 2016

Hold Onto Your Dreams

For today's post I am going to be telling you a little about struggles I've had over the years with reading. You may wonder why on earth I'm writing a post on something that for some people is such a basic thing, and I'm hoping the reasons as to why will all become clearer as you read through this post.

From the first time I was able to pick up a book reading hasn't been at all easy, basic or a simple task. In fact I've only been able to read properly, and more importantly - enjoy it for just over a year.

With almost being 20 I do feel a little behind on the band wagon with it, but throughout my childhood reading had always been a huge struggle due to a number of reasons (which I won't be going into much detail on today). However hard I tried to read a book I just found it to be too difficult; too much of a chore and gave up before completing even the first chapter.

I know that I'm not alone with the matter of finding reading something of a challenge, and I hope that me sharing my story with getting to a place where I can delightfully say "I enjoy reading", may help those who perhaps are going through something similar. I won't say that I find reading super easy now, as I do still struggle with it but overall I am a lot better and as I said above, I do enjoy it.

When growing up I remember often seeing my Mum and Sister at weekends or in the evenings chilling on the sofa, or on holidays relaxed by a pool, or on the beach, enjoying their book and secretly felt quite jealous of them - however silly it may sound.

Whenever I picked up a book and tried to read it I just couldn't find the concentration within me to continue it, whatever type of book, be it fiction, non fiction, or even articles in magazines, however hard I tried I honestly felt I couldn't. 

I was able to read well enough at school to pass my exams (just), but it wasn't easy. Studying and revising is already a difficult task for the majority of us, then with the challenge of reading on top of this made it a lot worse. Lets just say, I'm over the moon that my exams are now in the past and out of the way!

But even so, reading for pleasure had always secretly been a dream of mine, and I hoped that one day I'd be able to enjoy it - just like my Mum and Sister do. With growing older the determination within me also grew and around a year ago I felt if I really did focus on the task I could do it.

Now having worked on my reading for a year or so I can confidently say it has become one of my favourite things to do. I love how its such a lovely, simple way to wind down, to feel relaxed and calm also. This being in the comfort of home, or travelling on a train, plane or similar. Or when on holiday and so much more. Reading is something that can be done almost anywhere and at anytime which makes it even more wonderful.

So you may be wondering, how did I achieve this; how did I change a 'no-can-do' to a 'can-do'? 

I worked myself slowly into it, firstly with reading the articles in magazines...instead of just looking at the pictures and quickly flicking through the rest. Then I took my six month stay in the U.S as the perfect opportunity to start reading some 'real' books.

I started with non fiction books such as 'to do' and 'how to' books, on topics I felt particularly interested in and wanted to learn more on. For example Meditation, Yoga and Self Help books, as well as books on Interior Designs.

For the first time ever I was reading and completing books. And the more important thing - I was enjoying it too!

I feel the main reason I was able to do so was because it had been the first time ever that I could put a huge amount of focus and effort into it. I'd finished school and exams; I was away from home, on my own and could take the time out to focus on the simplicity of reading. I'm thrilled I did as I've always secretly dreamed of being able to cosy down under a blanket with a cuppa to read a good book. That little dream of mine has come true - wooho!

I wanted to share this with you basically as an example of a dream I held onto; even when I wanted to completely give up, I didn't, I still carried on trying; I still held onto my dream. This dream has now come true - it wasn't easy, but I eventually got there.

I do understand that there are a lot more substantial and significant dreams in life than the example I've written about here with reading, but that doesn't mean they can't be achieved.

Each and every one of us have dreams, ambitions, and things we'd like to work towards. As long as they are realistic, with enough focus, drive and determination you are all so capable of accomplishing your dream.  However small (like me with my reading) or big (such as wanting to start your own business). As long as you hold onto your dream, as long as you keep on believing you can, and as long as you use your determination, you can get to where you want to be.

Sending you all my love xxx

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