Thursday 13 August 2015

The Beach

The beach...does it really deserve its own post? To me, yes, it does.

The beach is a magical, inspirational, and therapeutic place.

Here, in Santa Monica the beach is my paradise...the the breeze on my face, the fresh ocean air, the tickling of the sand on my feet, the sound of the waves crashing back and forth. These things are truly wonderful to me.

The simplicity of it fascinates me. Why do I find it such a calming, peaceful, homely place? Who knows...however, I for one know that I'm not alone with this feeling. There are many other people who'd agree me that the beach is a beautiful heavenly place. You could be one of these people, on the other hand you could think I'm talking a load of nonsense.

I've now been here, in Santa Monica for about 2 months and the place I've found most incredible; where I've felt most comfortable in myself, my thoughts, and my surroundings is simply, the beach.

So yes, I have just written a post on the beach; I felt it needed to be done as so far, its helped me a lot; I've been able to think about things I've never had time to, I've found my inner calm, my peace and happiness.

I will now share with you some of my favourite photographs I've taken of the beach in California - enjoy!

A room with a view...

The view of the beach in Santa Monica whilst walking along the Pacific Palisades...

The early morning mist...

Santa Barbra 

Malibu - Lagoon State Beach 

Afternoons at the beach watching the glistening silhouettes...

Sunset in Santa Monica...

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  1. The combination of sea, sun and sand are very this post! Xxx