Friday 16 October 2015

My Experience Of An American Football Game!

For this next post, I thought I'd write about going to my first American Football game - this was a massive challenge for me to achieve, for many reasons...but I knew I wanted to do it so I was determined! I'm so happy I did, and as it was a great success I thought I'd share my experience.

So, last week was the American Football game (USC V Washington). It was held at the L.A Memorial Coliseum which is in central Los Angeles - the longest journey from Santa Monica I've planned to do so far. I planned how to get there and researched the area thoroughly in advanced so I was felt confident about it.

On the day, I got a bus from Santa Monica to the Culver City rail station, then I got the metro train which was 6 stop straight to the L.A Coliseum!

The L.A Coliseum from the entrance of the grounds was already quite something...then the Memorial Coliseum where the game was being held was very, very impressive! As the Coliseum and the grounds its one are part of the University (USC) there's also another sports stadium here, as well as a beautiful rose garden with wonderful colours from pinks, to reds to yellows. Then many other buildings and museums such as the Natural History museum of L.A and so on.

Feeling very nervous and anxious from the moment I stepped onto the bus in Santa Monica, and when getting closer to the Coliseum I felt even more so as it was extremely busy. I've been to football games in the UK before but here they are much more into the whole celebratory part of the game, and for being right amongst it all, on my own, already feeling anxious, it just felt too much! But I knew it was going to be a challenge; a challenge I was determined to conquer!

I had a bit of time before the game started so I decided to take myself away from the crowds and craziness and go to get a cup of tea, chill and mull over things for a bit in an air conditioned coffee shop. I'm so glad I did so as I felt a lot better after and ready to face the crowds of people.

Before going in again, I set myself a task, this being to find myself some merchandise! This may sound silly, but if I'm feeling anxious or panicky I find it helpful sometimes to set myself a task or to focus on something other than the thing I'm feeling anxious about. 

So I went on my search to find some merchandise - this wasn't too difficult and as I already knew what I wanted (a hat and a t-shirt) I quickly choose and paid for my two items. I was now ready to head back in the direction of the entrance into the coliseum.

By this time it was about 5.45pm, as the game started at 6pm I decide to head straight to my seat and I was directed to my seat in no time. Few! I was finally in my seat, and I had a great view - fab!

The introduction to the game was phenomenal! I've never seen anything quite like it!! With flashing lights, music, dancers and even horses - I was just stunned! 

Everyone was cheering (including me) and it was lovely to be part of the team spirit of all those around. After the introduction everyone stood up for the national anthem; this was also wonderful I thought as it was a moment of calm and tranquility just before kick off!

The game started, everyone was cheering and I continued to join in, I can't explain how great it felt being a part of the team spirit!

After about half an hour, more people started to come in and the arena started to get very very busy...I started to feel myself getting overwhelmed and panicky, all the hustling around, the loudness, the was just too much for me. I decided at this point, it was my time to leave. I felt happy what I had managed and my time at the game; but felt now would be the right time to go as I was no longer enjoying it.

So I said my goodbye and headed back home to Santa Monica; the journey back was very simple as I already knew which Metro train and bus to get! I got back in reasonable timing with a massive smile on my face - I did it!! I conquered it! I battled on through my fears and feelings of anxiety! I went to an American football game!! Ahhh! 

I am so happy with what I managed and achieved. It is a memory that will stick with me forever and a huge step for me in feeling more confident in myself that I can in fact make plans like this and for it to go well!

I hope this post helps to give you a little bit of inspiration; with enough motivation and determination you can achieve anything you set your mind on. Ask there something you've always wanted to do but never felt quite up to it? Maybe now is your chance to push yourself - take that step forwards! Believe in yourself. 

I will now share a few photos of the game with you to give an in sight into what it was like - enjoy!

Thank you for reading this post! All my love x


  1. So proud of you for doing this.....your determination is inspiringšŸ˜‡. Maybe we can go to a game together next time we are in LA?? That would be amazing!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much Mum :) I love you! YES! That would be aweeeesome ;) <3