Sunday 25 October 2015

The Place I Call Home In Santa Monica

So for this next post I'd like to give you a little in sight into the apartment I'm renting whilst in Santa Monica. It's a great little space here, and is really well situated - with a lovely view of the Pier and Ocean; being a stones throw away from the beach which is just perfect for me. It's not too big, nor too's just right, and was already well furnished when I first arrived so I could move in straight away, however it felt quite bland and not homely nor cosy. 

As my Mum was here with me when I first moved in, she helped me out with the first few changes I wanted to make; such as moving some of the furniture around to make it more spacious, which means I can enjoy doing my Yoga and Meditation here each morning before setting off on my day - lovely!

Over my time here I've made a few changes to make the place feel that little bit more homely; a little more 'me', adding my personal touches here and there. Such as a few textile pieces - cushions, a throw; some house plants, fairy lights, candles, kitchen crockery/utensils and so on. 

Now having been here for a while I'd definitely say I feel very comfortable and at home, I love the additions I've made and it feels cosy yet spacious which is a great combination I find.

I will now share with you some photos of my little studio apartment - enjoy :)

This copper edged mirror is from a store called 'World Market', the fairy lights are from Urban Outfitters, and the books are from Barnes and Noble - I love how the mirror reflects the colours from the different fruits, the books and crockery on the kitchen shelf.

This fruit bowl is from West Elm - I love how the tea tins are colour co-ordinated with the colours of the fruits.

The blue bowls are from TJmaxx, and the grey bowls and plates from CB2. I've just tape to stick my favourite little cards on the wall to add little pockets of happiness to the room.

These jars I got from a little green grocers on Main Street, Santa Monica. I love picking up useful bargains like these jars - perfect for storage in the kitchen! 

The copper edged mirror is from World Market, the throw on the door I use at the beach and is from J.Crew.

I have a kettle, coffee maker and blender placed on my kitchen work top; then tucked away quite nicely is a microwave oven and hotplate, as well as the fridge. The tea towel is from World Market.

This lovely antique hook was here already and I absolutely adore it! I've used decorative ribbon for my bike and spare keys, the copper safety pin key ring is from CB2.

These 3 jars are from Urban Outfitters; the Cacti/Succulents are from the Farmers Market - they are so cute!

This stool was here already and I think the rustic feeling it adds to the room is great! The candles and my yoga mat are from TJmaxx.

The Buddha head is from TJmaxx and the decorative Succulent is from CB2; I bought the Lavender at the Farmers Market - I love having house flowers/plants, I feel they fill the room with life and joy!

Some of the books I've been reading - I'm loving my collection so far! A box full of cards with lovely quotations from Papyrus which my Mum got for me before she went - so cute!

The ombre cream to blue cushion is from CB2, the 'E' cushion was a birthday present from my Mum from Nordstrom, and the book I'm currently reading 'Living in the Moment' is from Urban Outfitters - I find they have a really good selection of books!

The bed set and throw are both from TJmaxx - very simple and calming, but I like that :)

If you're interested in any of the stores/items I've mentioned, here are the links:

Thank you for reading this blog post - I hoped you liked this sneak peek into my little studio apartment :) All my love x

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