Thursday 1 October 2015

Photo Update - Beverly Hills Gardens And Rodeo Drive

There is so much to explore in Los Angeles - I find Santa Monica massive, let alone the whole of L.A too! Whilst being in America my confidence to plan trips out and about has grown a lot and I find I am now enjoying going out on day trips so much more than say, a year ago or less.

Don't get me wrong, I do have days where I feel less confident - but thats okay and we all have ups and downs. In that case I stick to reading my book on the beach; do some Yoga and chill, which are my most favourite things to do out here. But when I feel up to it, I like to plan myself a day trip; as theres so much to explore here, it only takes a little research and I always find something I fancy.

So, today, I made way to Beverly Hills, I hopped on the bus which only took about half an hour. I decided I wanted to stick to 2 main things - going for a wander along the gardens, and a little look around Rodeo Drive area. 

I had a wonderful time, the gardens were gorgeous, there were also some interesting sculptures, which as a lover of Art I was amazed by. I also passed a beautiful Catholic Church and the most incredible Civic Centre I've ever seen. 

Then, when heading back towards Rodeo Drive, I went past another sublime building - I wasn't quite sure what the building was for...but a gate was open so I just popped in to have a quick look. Inside was a divine courtyard, which had a greek temple like feel; with fountains, sculptures and greenery. Once I left, I worked out that it was in fact a building for the 'Paradigm Talent Agency', which has clients in motion pictures, television, book publishing, music etc - so in fact, me being my nosey self, lead to me finding out something quite interesting!

I then got to Rodeo Drive and had a stroll up and down the path, having a peek in the windows at all the really expensive stuff! The one thing I came across that I found quite funny was a lady coming out of one of the expensive stores walking the biggest dog I've ever seen...I wonder who was enjoying the shopping more, the dog or the lady? Have a look at the photos, and see what you or lady? 

I hope you like having a look into my day in Beverly Hills!

Some interesting sculptures! 

A beautiful Church

The very impressive Civic Centre

The wonderful Courtyard in the 'Paradigm Talent Agency' building

The massive dog! (the one on the far side) who do you thinks enjoying the shopping more?


  1. Wow....looks amazing. The civic centre looks very Spanish!

  2. It was beautiful <3 yes, very Mediterranean I thought!