Monday 28 September 2015

Photo Update - Another Day, Another Market

Another of the many things I have enjoyed out here, as you will know if you've read through my previous posts, is going to the Markets. The Farmers Markets for the lovely fresh fruit and vegetables, the gorgeous array of flowers and the warming family atmosphere.

Then to the Flea Markets, with the unique, individual and quirky stalls filled with second hand trinkets and antiques galore. Lovely patterned rugs, leather bags, rustic furniture and vintage suitcases. As well as an abundance of Art work from ceramics to paintings to sculptures and so much more. 

If you haven't yet seen my first post about the Markets here in LA click on the following link  to have a read and look through those photos too!

I'd previously been to the Flea Market on Melrose Avenue in LA with my Mum a couple of months ago and knew I'd want to go again. Last Sunday was a great opportunity to do so; so I took the bus and made my way, I wanted to take some photographs, so of course I took my camera with me! 

I will now share with you my photos from the Flea Market :)


  1. I loved the flea market.....shame you can't bring much back to the UK😂