Thursday 24 September 2015

Photo Update - Bike Ride Along Palisades Park

If you've read through my previous posts, you'll know that at the moment I'm really enjoying going out and about on my bike. So, I thought I'd plan myself another little trip; this being to cycle to the other end of Palisades Park. I planned my route and where I wanted to go which was very simple...I just needed to bike along the Park by Ocean Avenue towards Malibu right to the end of the Park, which is just before the road joins to the Freeway.

Palisades Park is a long strip of grassy area that runs alongside Ocean Avenue, here in Santa Monica. Now I know this doesn't sound like anything, but the park has been landscaped beautifully and the views all the way along are breathtaking. 

Where I am staying, I am very well situated, being right by the pier, and also right by the start of Palisades Park. As the park goes along right to the other end it makes a jolly good bike ride! A very picturesque one too - so of course, I took my camera and captured some photos to share with you. 

Below is a map showing the route (just to help give you a sense of scale)

Now are the photos I took,  I hope they help to give you a little insight of the Park :)

Some wonderful views, and funky Cacti!

Gorgeous roof top views... 

Crazily tall palm trees...

A very classic straight LA road...