Friday 18 September 2015

Photo Update - Venice Canals

With my ever growing confidence and becoming more independent I find I am able to go out and about and explore different places near by each week. When I arrived in Santa Monica my Mum and I both decided that our main way of getting around the area would be by Bus or bicycle. We bought two second hand bikes from a local bike shop, and we mainly used them to cycle up and down the Ocean bike path.

I have continued to us my bike now that my Mum has left and I am loving it; I feel back at home in England, once I had past my driving test I'd either walk or drive to places and a bike was no longer in my thought process. However, that has change now and here in Santa Monica I have really been enjoying getting to places so easily.

I still mainly use my bike to go up and down the Ocean front, either going towards Malibu, or towards Venice. I've been on a couple of bike rides to each over the last few weeks; one of these being in the late afternoon, when the sun was about to set I decided that it would be a great opportunity to go and see the Venice Canals.

I'd been to the Canals here before with my Mum when we came to LA on holiday a couples of years ago but hadn't yet been this year. From what I could remember I thought they were lovely and very picturesque, so I thought it was only right to go again and capture some shots using my camera.

I planned my route and set off on my handy little blue beach bike - I had looked up the route in advance and it was pretty simple (I just needed to go to the end of the Ocean path and then left...and thats basically it!)

Once I found the canals I locked up my bike and went for a wander. It felt so different to the last time I had been; I feel I can appreciate a lot more of the things here now than a few years ago. For example, the cute ducks swimming by the beautifully designed bridges; the spectacular architecture of the quirky, intriguing properties; the gorgeously landscaped gardens, and so on.

The most beautiful of all was the spectacular sunset; sunsets to me are just breathtaking, where ever you may be in the world, you can just step outside, or watch from a window cill as the sunsets and take that moment to breath deeply and feel the warmth from sun beaming hope and happiness.

Now I will share with you some of the photos I captured at the canals - enjoy!


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