Sunday 17 January 2016

A Stroll Along Brighton Seafront

I love the Sea...a lot. If you know me well, or you've been reading my blog from the beginning you'll definitely know this about me. 

With being back from my travels for just over a month and feeling a bit more settled in my new home town Brighton I've found one thing I enjoy tremendously at the moment (when the weather's nice), is going for a stroll along the Seafront with my camera. 

I adore the therapeutic Sea air, the excitement I feel from the waves crashing against the shore and the stunning panoramic view. 

There's often a few other people out on the sidewalk, out on dog walks, or couples enjoying the surroundings together, parents out with their children and so on, which adds to the sublime atmosphere. 

So, as I like to take photos whilst I'm out and about along the Sea front, of course I'd take the opportunity to share some of my favourites with you here on my blog! 

I hope you like them :)
This was such a stunning morning...with a blue sky all around...
I love the rustic, old, rusty railings in contrast with the blue sky...
Here, the sunlight helps to form shadows from the railings creating an array of patterns on the path...
The glistening sunlight on the Sea instantly fills me with warmth and happiness...
I love the different patterns, textures formed by the waves and sunlight here...
Then, of course the splashing and crashing creating an instant feeling of energy and excitement...
Every time I see a Dog, I want to take a photo...I try to stop myself as I'll end up with filling my camera memory with them. The odd one doesn't matter...besides...look how cute and fluffy he is! 
I couldn't believe how gorgeous the weather was on this day; although with being winter it was a little chilly, the warmth from the sun and the blue sky were heavenly.
The next few photos are a little later on in the day. The weather started to make a change for the worse, the wind picked up, the clouds started to shadow over and I could see that it was about to pour down with rain...Nonetheless, I thought I'd take a few last photos to capture the dramatic change!
Thank you for looking :) 
Lots of love!

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  1. Love the sea....cant beleive how blue the sky gets here!!!
    I would also love a painting of the sea- a misty seascape would be lovely :)