Monday 11 January 2016

My Mum's Birthday Surprise

For my Mum's Birthday this year I decided to surprise her by filling our home with party decorations.

I started planning at the beginning of December to give myself plenty of time to prepare and get everything together, and as I absolutely adore decorating, planning and collecting ideas together I found this a lot of fun!

Looking back at the set up and how I decorated the space I am so delighted with the overall look; my Mum was definitely very surprised and said she loved it (which of course was the most important thing!) 

I'm very excited to share my ideas with you with you - I hope you like the finished look!

Yes, I've left the wreath up after Christmas...I just really like the one we got this year!! I hung this "Party this way!" sign from it to start the surprise off right from the door way!

I kept everything to a gold/grey/white/silver colour scheme, with the added pop of colour from the inside of the paper chains.

My Mum's favourite cake is coffee and walnut cake, which is the cake I baked for her Birthday and of course she was very happy about it!

The napkins and napkin holders were bought in the sales after Christmas as well as the "s" trinket on top of the gold box of chocolates.

I already had the fairy lights (which are in fact the same lights I used around the Christmas tree). For the Birthday celebration I placed them around the door frame - I love the warm cosy effect.

Again these copper ball lights I already had, which were bought from a little independent shop in Brighton.

I hung a few of these gold decorations around the room to add a touch of sparkle.

My favourite additions to the decorations are the large paper pom poms in god (above), cream (below) and silver (two below). I found these in a lovely little shop in Hove - they are so easy to put together and I think they really help give a party vibe.

Before getting these paper chains I was actually looking for some "Happy Birthday" bunting, but no shops seemed to have any apart from the odd few tacky looking ones which didn't go with the theme. At first, when I saw these paper chains I wasn't sure about the bright colours on the inside. However, I went for them anyway and in fact love the pop of colour.

Of course I had to get some balloons! I got 6 of these silver ones from Card Factory where they fill them up with helium for 35p each which I thought was incredibly reasonable.

I hung some of the paper chains from the ceiling and tied on a gold delicate ornament onto the end for some added sparkle.

Finally, I bought my Mum's some beautiful roses (bottom right corner). I always love how flowers bring so much warmth and beauty to a room.

Thank you for reading and taking a look :) 

Lots of love x

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  1. I was so surprised and touched by the decorations when I arrived home from work on my birthday....Em had worked incredibly hard to make the apartment beautiful for my birthday. It was simply amazing how she did this with all the bits and bobs from various shops. It looked gorgeous and was very professionally put together. I am definitely going to hire Em as my party planner in future!! xxx