Thursday 7 January 2016

New Year, New Resolutions?

So, it's the beginning of 2016 and now is the time most people tend to make New Years resolutions; things they want to start, to change, to improve, to focus on and so on.

With Christmas and New Year celebrations now having come to an end, and with most people being back at work, school, university or college January can already be a very tough and draining time of year. In fact for me, if I were to pin point a particular month as being my toughest, that month would be January; and I know several others that feel the same. With that said, I often think - why make the beginning of the year even tougher by creating more pressure to feel the need to do or be better in some way? 

Don't get me wrong, I do love the idea of making New Years resolutions in retrospect, but sometimes it can seem quite pressurising, don't you think? Making a demanding list of things to improve on or to get better at for the year ahead can seem quite a daunting thing when looking from the start. What happens if some things on the list are perhaps unachievable or just too much? Does that mean failure and possibly cause feelings of frustration, disappointment, defeat, upset and more?

For those like me, who find making New Years resolutions quite a demanding and scary task, there is in fact another way to look at the idea which I have recently learnt coming into 2016 from my lovely Yoga teacher.

This being, instead putting yourself under a lot of pressure and feeling you must succeed in the goals you have set yourself for the new year, you can use the term 'planting seeds' instead.

Now let me explain...with this idea in mind, for example you might choose to plant a seed for the year to find a better work/life balance for yourself. For seeds to grow all they need is a little nurturing, or 'TLC', and with this will inevitable start to develop over time. In this way, the 'seeds' (intentions) you plant don't need your full attention 24/7. You can come back and fourth to them every now and then, and as long as you don't completely neglect them they will, in time, grow. 

I think the key elements to this idea that I really like are firstly the feeling of time as well as the fact that the seeds (intentions) you set don't need your full attention all of the time. Remember, with taking small, manageable steps, taking the pressure off and giving yourself the time you need you will get to whatever you set your heart out to achieve give yourself the time you need.

Obviously, this is only my opinion. There are many people that can set themselves New Years resolutions without feeling under pressure, and there are others that don't feel the need to get involved at all. I'd like to reiterate that it's not that I don't like the idea of setting new goals, achievements and so on...because I do. I just find it quite overwhelming thinking about it all at once, at the start of the year.

I am incredibly delighted to have learnt a new way of looking at setting myself intentions, or 'planting seeds' for the year ahead, and to me this way feels less pressuring and more flexible.

I thought it'd be great for me to share the idea on my blog, and if you reading this are like me, maybe this could help you in starting 2016 with a smile and plenty of positive vibes!

Sending all my love and wishing you a wonderful start to the year! x

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