Tuesday 15 March 2016

A Misty, Enchanting Sunset

I feeling as though I can now say that Spring is certainly starting to make a show, yippee!! The days are getting longer, brighter and warmer...the flowers are blossoming beautifully, the birds singing joyfully in the mornings and more. I am a huge fan of this time of year, and with this I find myself spending more time out and about with my camera. 

I am delighted by this in fact, as if you've read my previous post 
 (http://www.millymaggy.com/2016/01/ideas-plans-and-moving-forward.html), you'll know that using my camera more is something I've wanted to achieve in 2016. Which so far has definitely been the case and I'm enjoying every single moment!

Doing so of course means that I have a growing number of photos I've taken to share here on my blog; and so hopefully you reading this will enjoy having a browse through this post as well as the others to come!

I feel incredibly lucky to be living in Brighton, and especially to be living right by the sea here. The sunsets over the sea are wonderful and definitely my favourite moment in the day. With the sunsets being especially stunning at the moment I've taken the opportunity to spend my evenings out at this of day to head to the seafront, to take in the beautiful surroundings and of course to capture some photos.

I will now share with you some of the photos I took one evening last weekend. On this day I found the sunset to be particularly picturesque. There was a slight mist over the seascape which I feel gives an enchanting and fascinating effect. As it was the weekend and probably the warmest evening we've had so far in 2016 there were many others out enjoying the evening which made the evenings atmosphere feel even more charming! 

I hope you like having a look at these photos! If you do enjoy this insight into one of my evenings spent admiring the sunset, and you haven't yet seen my other posts of my times by the coast click this link and you'll be able to view them all together: http://www.millymaggy.com/search/label/Coast
I love the silhouettes formed by the light and the contrast between the light and dark here...
The glistening golden colours bouncing and glowing off the sea fill the photos with so much warmth...
Silhouettes of children and families enjoying the last few minutes of daylight...
The sun starting to fade here, behind the blanket of mist which I found created a cool and calming feel to end this lovely day...
Wishing you all a wonderful start to Spring; we can now definitely start to look forward to the longer, warmer days - yay!

All my love xxx

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