Wednesday 30 March 2016

Decorating For Easter

Hello lovely readers! 

Today I thought I'd share some photos I took of the decorations I put together for the Easter Holiday.

This years Easter celebration in particular felt quite special; it's the first Easter in my new home City - Brighton, and with now having lived here for almost 4 months it definitely feels very much like home, which fills me with delight. With this along with some other reasons it’s been the first Easter for a long while that I've actually been able to fully enjoy, celebrate and relax through. 

By now, you’re more than likely to know that I love any excuse to plan, organise and display decorations, so of course with Easter being a celebration I took this as the perfect opportunity to put my love towards decorating to good use for my Mum and I to admire and enjoy.

I didn’t want to go too over the top, or spend too much money on the decorations. So I reused some I already had such as from my Mum’s Birthday and Christmas. I then set myself a budget of £15 to spend on a few more items. I’m extremely chuffed with what I managed to achieve for this, and of course I took photos of the final look which I’m very excited to share with you. I hope you like my ideas and how it all came together; I’d love to know what you think!

I reused the table mats and copper ball lights, I then bought a few extra bits mainly from the store - Tiger. I particularly love the colourful bunting; other items from Tiger include the tea lights and holders, napkins, table cloth, the little chicks and decorative grass.

On the table I scattered golden confetti and some party poppers I had left over from Christmas (as you can imagine, the confetti is now everywhere hehe But thats part of the fun, ey!

The beautiful flowers were a gift to me from my Mum, I absolutely adore these, and they've lasted for quite some time now - thumbs up to my Mum!!

The Hot Cross Bun Tea is from a lovely Tea shop called Bluebird Tea Co. in Brighton - they do a huge variety of all sorts of teas and this was one of their Easter specials!

My Mum and I filled the table with lots of Easter treats and later in the day we set up a little Easter egg hunt around the apartment which was very fun, even with just the two of us!

The decorative eggs and the orange paper fold-out decorations were both from Tiger; I'd definitely recommend you take a look around Tiger if you're in need of some affordable decorations. They sell all sorts of other things there too, from kitchen essentials and home furnishings, to stationary  and of course great party decorations.

I hope you've enjoyed having a little sneak peek at my ideas, and as always thank you so much for taking your time out to have a read - it means a lot!

I do hope you all had a lovely Easter time.

Sending you lots of love xxx

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